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Greetings from JMB Construction and Rodent Control, your reliable resource for construction solutions and wildlife control. We are a family-owned, locally-owned company founded in 2016 and situated in proud New York. We are dedicated to providing our community with honest, knowledgeable service driven by a sincere desire for perfection.

Being a family-run company, we recognize the importance of prioritizing our clients. We endeavor to surpass each client’s expectations, guided by the values of justice, honesty, quality, hard work, dependability, respect, and drive. We approach every job with passion and dedication, focusing on providing outstanding service and enduring connections.

Our Top Pest Control Services

Wildlife Removal

Bats: Our experts will gently and efficiently remove bats from your home. We also evaluate access locations, use exclusion strategies, and offer preventative solutions to prevent future infestations.

Construction and Repair Work

Repairs: Our expert artisans are experts in repairing structural damage caused by wildlife infestations. We repair damaged insulation and chewed wiring to restore your property to its original state.

Preventative Pest
Control Services

At JMB Construction and Rodent Control, we recognize the need to take preventative actions to ensure your property is pest-free. Our proactive pest control solutions are designed to spot possible weak points and take care of them before pests have a chance to infiltrate your residence or place of business.

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4.8 Star Reviews

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Explore our gallery showcasing effective rodent control solutions, ensuring a pest-free environment for every home and business.

Prevent and Protect:

Seasons of
Pest Protection

Welcome to JMB Construction and Rodent Control, your trusted partner year-round, safeguarding your home or business from pests. With our extensive knowledge of both building services and wildlife removal, we’re committed to assisting you in keeping your surroundings pest-free all year long.

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Discover why our clients trust us for reliable and effective rodent control solutions, ensuring peace of mind and pest-free environments.

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