We are delighted to provide a broad range of specialized services at JMB Construction and Rodent Control to meet all of your construction and wildlife removal demands. Our committed team, with years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, is here to offer customized solutions to safeguard your property and guarantee your peace of mind. View our extensive service list below:

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Professional Wildlife Removal

Bats: Our experienced crew will remove bats from your home safely and effectively. In compliance with local laws, we evaluate entry locations, apply exclusion tactics, and offer preventative measures to prevent future infestations.


Mice and Rats: We eradicate mouse and rat infestations using cutting-edge trapping and exclusion methods, emphasizing sanitation to reduce health hazards and stop recurrence in accordance with local legislation.


Squirrels: When squirrels invade attics or dig nests in crawlspaces, our specialists remove them expertly. By law, we locate and seal entry points, remove squirrels safely, and make suggestions for modifying the surrounding area to ward off future incursions.


Moles: Our mole management services ensure compliance with local rules by eradicating moles and restoring your grass and garden through targeted trapping and habitat improvements.


Raccoons: We carefully handle interior and outdoor raccoon infestations, using techniques such as trapping and relocation. We also regularly examine homes to fortify weak locations and ensure compliance with local wildlife laws.

Opossums: We relocate and humanely capture opossums, implementing exclusion measures to prevent their return while adhering to local laws.


Woodchucks: Our experts use exclusion and trapping methods to deal with woodchuck activity, protecting buildings and landscaping from harm while abiding by municipal regulations.


Birds: Focusing on humane bird removal and exclusion, we use exclusion techniques and deterrents to safeguard your property from the harm and health risks associated with bird infestations while adhering to local laws.

Construction and Repair Work

Repairs: Our expert artisans are experts in repairing structural damage caused by wildlife infestations. We repair damaged insulation and chewed wiring to restore your property to its original state.


Construction: Whether starting from scratch or renovating an existing structure, our services are customized to meet your unique requirements. We provide project management, skilled artistry, and design advice to realize your vision.


Emergency Work:  We know that construction accidents and wildlife incursions can occur anytime. We provide quick emergency services to address urgent problems, minimize damage, and guarantee your safety and security.

Repairing structural damage affected by wildlife infestations
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Preventative Pest Control

At JMB Construction and Rodent Control, we recognize the need to take preventative actions to ensure your property is pest-free. Our proactive pest control solutions are designed to spot possible weak points and take care of them before pests have a chance to infiltrate your residence or place of business.

Our approach starts with comprehensive inspections carried out by our knowledgeable personnel. We carefully inspect your property, looking for any openings for pests to enter, places to nest, or settings that encourage their presence. We create specialized treatment programs based on our research aimed at the pests that are dangerous to your property.

We design a comprehensive prevention system to keep pests out permanently by combining exclusion measures, environmental adjustments, and routine maintenance. Our exclusion methods include caulking gaps and other openings for ingress, and we may also modify the surrounding environment by eliminating food sources and lowering moisture content.

At JMB Construction and Rodent Control, providing outstanding service and long-lasting solutions is our top priority. Contact us right now to arrange a consultation or to learn more about our offerings. Allow us to be your dependable partner in maintaining peace of mind and safeguarding your assets.